Signal Hill Eye Care

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Vision with Heart

The mission of Signal Hill Eye Care is to provide our patients with long-term healthy vision and sight at the highest level. Our care and service are provided with compassion and caring while using leading edge technology.

Our Values

1. At Signal Hill Eye Care, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible to our patients, to our employees and community. In discharging our responsibilities, we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts. Our interactions with every patient must reflect the high standards we profess with a high level of caring.

2. We recognize that the ability to excel — to go above expectations to meet our patients’ needs — depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork of our employees, and we value these qualities most highly.

3. We are dedicated to the highest level of visual excellence and commit our efforts to improving our patient’s vision and their quality of life. We strive to identify the most critical needs of our patients, and we devote our resources to meeting those needs.

4. We are dedicated to fostering growth and personal development for our employees in a meaningful and rewarding environment.