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Calgary Eye Examinations

At Signal Hill Eye Care we will use the latest technology to aid in the examination process. Not only is this information important in determining your exact prescription, but also very useful in the early detection and treatment of eye problems. You will find our examination to be thorough and informative, as we will discuss options and make recommendations on what is best for your eyes and vision.

As part of your examination, we will:

  1. Take a complete history of your personal and family ocular and medical history
  2. Discuss your visual environment and needs as they pertain to your work, hobbies and lifestyle.
  3. Take automated measurements of your accommodation (focusing) strength, color vision, depth perception, peripheral vision and corneal dimensions and curvature.
  4. Testing of your eye movement and binocular vision (how your eyes work together)
  5. Measurement of your focusing stamina
  6. An accurate determination of your vision and prescription as it pertains to glasses , contact lenses, and laser correction.
  7. A thorough examination of the outer and inner structures of the eye
  8. Digital photographs of the retina
  9. A comprehensive summary of the results and discussion with your doctor on the nature of your visual situation and the options available to you.