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Calgary Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

We are pleased to offer an alternative to laser vision correction in the process of orthokeratology (often called ortho-k or OK). Ortho-K is a treatment contact lens which is designed to correct myopia (near-sightedness), or the inability to see at a distance. The unique feature of ortho-k is the ability to correct your vision as you sleep! Much like you may wear a dental retainer or braces to keep your teeth straight, this specialty contact lens is worn overnight, and gently reshapes your cornea. Upon waking, the lens is removed and you are able to enjoy clear vision without contact lenses or glasses! One of the benefits of the ortho-k process is its reversibility. If you wish to return to your original vision, you may simply leave the contact lens off at night, allowing your vision to regress to its initial state. Ortho-k lenses also remain a valuable tool in preventing myopic progression for those with a prescription which is continually increasing. There are specific characteristics of your eyes and vision which make you a candidate for ortho-k lenses. We would be happy to evaluate your eyes to determine if you are suitable for this exciting option.